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Richardson Products introduces the worlds first 4-Axis Robotic Feeding System! The Robot is a fully functional 4-axis programmable robotic arm. This new innovative and intelligent robot feeds individuals who cannot feed themselves. The robot is so accurate it can safely place the feeder spoon directly inside a persons mouth! The system can be programmed in seconds by an aid via a wireless joystick. Once the robot has been programmed, the feeding cycle can be controlled by the user in a variety of ways. It can be controlled with a simple switch or more elaborate control methods can be applied depending on the users needs. In the event that a person is unable to use the switch, the system can be programmed to automatically feed the user without user intervention. Richardson Products also manufactures a wide variety of input devices which will help bridge the gap between user and robot, achieving and allow the user to easily interface with the Robotic Feeder. The robot arena is manufactured with neodymium super magnets which are embedded into the 1/2” thick High Density Polyethylene base. The system includes 3 dishwasher safe magnetic bowls. The magnets hold the bowls in place while still allowing the bowls and base to be separated for easy cleanup. Both the base and bowls are dishwasher safe making cleanup a snap.
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